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Self-Defense Items being Sold on this Site

I updated the homepage of this website to include links to and information about the following self-defense and violence prevention products that you can buy now:     The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker “teaches how to identify the warning signals of a potential attacker and recommends strategies for dealing with the problem before… Read More

My Number One Self-Defense Tip

Today, I want to give you my number one self-defense tip: Prevent attacks! Too many people think of self-defense as violently fighting off an attacker. In reality, self-defense starts long before that. Once attacked, you have already lost most of the battle. Once attacked, you have a very large likelihood of getting severely hurt or… Read More

Asset Protection

While we often think of protecting our assets while alive, many people do not think to make arrangements for their estate. In the lack of a formal plan, the government decides what to do with your estate and it may not pass onto your family as you would want it. If you can afford it,… Read More

How To Find Self-Defense Classes

If you decide to take a self-defense class, you will need to find one. Let me suggest some places to find local self-defense classes. A local YMCA or YWCA may offer self-defense classes. Give your local one a call. Colleges often have self-defense classes. They may offer some only to students, though. Community colleges often… Read More

Getting To Know Your Neighbors

How much do you think getting to know your neighbors will prevent local victimization? How much safer will it make your neighborhood? I think a lot. Probably due mostly to our fast-paced culture, nowadays people keep mostly to themselves. We spend our time rotting lonely in front of TV screens rather than chatting with our… Read More

5 Ways You Can Fight Victimization

Preventable violence plagues our society; it includes rape, murder, assault, robbery. Most of us say we want to end victimization and protect innocent people, but we don’t find time for it; but we find time for our favorite TV show or video game. You can do the following to help put an end to victimization… Read More

Alcohol and Violence

Hundreds of thousands of children get mistreated each year by an adult with alcohol problems. Alcohol diminishes judgment and causes people to lose self-control. That can lead to violence. It can cause an already violent or abusive person to become more violent or abusive, or it can cause a generally non-violent and non-abusive person to… Read More

Protect Workers

Many issues worry me. For one, I know that many women, especially single mothers, have to walk to and from work, or to and from the bus stops to get to work. Many of these women cannot afford cars of their own. Sometimes they work long hours and have to walk home after dark and… Read More

Run Away from Armed Predators

Sgt. Graham Dunne from the Aurora Police Department teaches a class that helps people learn what to do in dangerous situations. He gave some important tips to I include one of the tips: If the predator has a gun and you are not under his control, always run! Police officers only make 4 of… Read More

Safety Tips to Decrease Risk of Abduction

Lindsay Veremis recently wrote about safety tips to decrease risk of abduction. I include an excerpt: When it comes to reducing your risk of abduction, police officers say say the most important thing is prevention. Decreasing your risk with common sense practices like traveling in pairs at night, or letting someone know where you’re going… Read More

Easy Tips to Keep Out of Harm’s Way

49 News reported on self-defense tips from police: Chuck Haggard and Kristen Hren with the Defensive Tactic Department of the Topeka Police Department visited with 49 News about ways to keep from being attacked. Situation awareness is key, Haggard said. “One of the most important things is having your attention where it needs to be,”… Read More

Self-Defense Tips & Quiz

Jennifer Chancellor interviews Tracie Crocker about self-defense: “There’s a lot of confusion and nonsense information out there. The most important tip to share with anyone, anywhere is to pay attention to your surroundings,” said Crocker, who’s worked for the Tulsa Police Department for 19 years, and has been teaching safety classes to women and children… Read More