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Self-Defense Tips from provides the following self-defense tips: What to Do if Faced with an Attacker? The decision is yours. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. If you decide to fight back, you must be quick, determined and effective. Target the eyes and groin .Keys, pens and pencils can be jabbed into the eyes, face… Read More

Legal Definition of Self-Defense

The line between defense and offense is very thin. While laws allow for self-defense, those who wish to both successfully and legally defend themselves, and their loved ones, need to know the legal definition of self-defense. provides the following legal definition of self-defense: Legal self-defense is a defense to certain criminal charges involving force… Read More

Security for International Travel

Safety Tips for International Travel from Select the largest aircraft available, as they are more difficult to seize and control. Avoid traveling first class. This area is frequently used as a hijacker command post. Take direct flights to your destination; it reduces your exposure odds to terrorist activity. Use your name and business address… Read More

No Nonsense Self-Defense

I just found a new site called No Nonsense Self-Defense. The site is packed with information on self-defense and security. The site provides “you with free, easy-to-use information to keep you safe from crime and violence, including robbery and rape. Our goal is is to assist you achieve personal safety. The information we provide is… Read More Self-Defense Article

The real trick to self-defense involves preventing an attack before it happens, not violently defending oneself while the attack happens. That’s the wise advice from a great article on self-defense. Although KidsHealth geared their advice towards teens, the rule applies to everyone. As the article correctly says, many people think of self-defense as a… Read More

The Dirty Dozen

Self-defense isn’t pretty, it’s nasty. If you want to be able to defend yourself by hand, when necessary, you have to be prepared to use hardcore techniques that will get the job done. U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Larry Jordan was given a unique assignment by his commanders: come up with a truly down-and-dirty hand-to-hand… Read More

City Safety: Beyond the Basics

City Safety: Beyond the Basics by Jennifer Shukla I may not be an expert on safety, but I do have a degree in psychology and have worked in a criminal law office, so I know a little about how criminals think. Plus, Iíve lived in lots of cities with high crime rates including New York,… Read More

A Simple Self Defense Tip

by Keith Pascal You never know, when someone is going to flip out, and start firing a gun into a restaurant or store filled with innocent people. It could happen. It has happened. And now we have the threat of terrorism added. So, how do you stay safe? Here’s a simple tip, adapted from the… Read More

Tools For Self-Defense Strategy

by Scott Hughes Guys, if you’re like me, you know that violent crime and victimization is very real. You know of the dangerousness of our times. You understand the importance of self-defense and preparedness. And, you worry about the women that are important to you. Ladies, you have to not only take care of yourself,… Read More

Choosing A Self-Defense Course

Ideally, a good self-defense program should reflect these philosophical points in its outlook: 1. No one asks for, causes, invites, or deserves to be assaulted. Women and men sometimes exercise poor judgment about safety behavior, but that does not make them responsible for the attack. Attackers are responsible for their attacks and their use of… Read More

The Seven Components of Self-defense

Building Blocks of an Effective Personal Safety Strategy by Randy LaHaieThe study of self-defense cannot be easily defined with quick, easy, and over simplistic solutions. Acquiring a legitimate sense of control over your personal safety requires knowledge and skills in seven key components. Neglect any of them, and you do not have a complete and… Read More

23 things to do now to keep your kids safe.

The younger you start to train your child in home and personal security matters the easier it will all be. We have all seen on TV the security video of a kid being abducted by a stranger or doing other unsafe things that put themselves in serious danger. I am not trying to create a dangerous environment here by spreading doom and gloom and bad news. Please read this article in the manner it was intended, that is as a help tool. Read it and learn, then be aware of what is happening to your kids. Believe me, any effort to do this will be a lot easier than what you will go through if you do not exercise good basic common sense in this matter and train your kids on how to be smart with their safety. Train your kids on the following NOW.