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Are You Safe at Home?

by Scott Bianchi A very small percentage of people are burglarized in their home each year in this country. The problem is, you can never be sure you won’t be one of them. So, do you feel safe in your home? When I was growing up we never locked the doors at my parent’s house.… Read More

Robbery Prevention And Defense

By Ira A. LipmanRobbery, unlike other crimes, represents a threat to both your person and your property. Robbery is the taking of another’s property by force or threat of violence. It is a crime in which there is always a confrontation between the victim and offender. Muggers (street robbers) generally try to frighten or intimidate… Read More

Choosing A Self-Defense/Martial-Arts School

by Eric Gehler & Jim Johnson “Daddy, I want to take Karate!’ “Mommy, Jimmy on the bus hit me again today’ There are many reasons why parents want to sign their children up for Self Defense or Martial Arts classes. Once you have made the decision, now you are faced with many different options and… Read More

How To Be Safe While Traveling

How To Be Safe While Traveling by: Scott Flint The most dangerous time in your life, when you are most likely to be attacked is when you are traveling in an unfamiliar area. Tourists are the favorite prey of the goblins of the world for the following reasons: They are easy to spot. Tourists make… Read More

Self-Defense: What You Need To Know

In the world in which we currently live, it is now necessary that one knows how to properly defend themselves or their loved ones if they are in danger of being hurt. This article will become useful if you want to increase your knowledge of basic self-defense and techniques used to fight off an attacker.… Read More – Personal Safety

From Preventing crime is everyone’s business – children, youth, adults, and seniors must all work together to protect themselves, their families, and their neighborhoods. Tips Ask law enforcement for a free home security survey. Make sure you have sturdy metal or solid wood doors at all entries into your home and that sliding glass… Read More

Scott’s Safety Shop

Scott’s Safety Shop Scott’s Safety Shop provides a diverse product line of affordable high-quality security products to protect you, your home, and your business. We offer a wide variety of Stun Guns, Tasers, Pepper & Mace Sprays, Personal Alarms, Hidden Wireless Cameras, Nanny Cams, and More! All orders are ground-shipped by UPS. We only ship… Read More

Total Crimes

In 2004, U.S. residents age 12 or older experienced approximately 24 million crimes, according to findings from the National Crime Victimization Survey. 18.6 million were property crimes. 5.2 million were crimes of violence. Victims experienced 223,290 rapes and sexual assaults in 2003, and 4.6 million physical assaults. Please keep yourself, your family and your friends… Read More