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A Riot Is The Language Of The Unheard

As you surely know, riots have broken out in Baltimore after years of police killing people in America at a rate of over a thousand a year, with many of the victims of police violence being unarmed children, with the deaths most often as a result NOT of efforts to protect people from violent crime… Read More

Cogito Ergo Sum Liber

I am currently reading The Moral Arc: How Science and Reason Lead Humanity toward Truth, Justice, and Freedom by Michael Shermer. While the book is of course about a much broader topic, a part I recently read relates to the kind of prison reform I have often wrote about for this blog. Shermer writes: Working… Read More

So Many Good People In Prison: Inmates Rescue Guard

In a previous post, Man Facing Life For Pot Brownies, we looked at the absurdity of the massive amounts of non-violent people thrown in prison for various victimless crimes. In fact, as cited with sources in that article, only 8% of inmates in the United States are incarcerated for violent offenses. In the vast majority… Read More

Justice For All – Unarmed People Killed by Police

Michael Brown and Eric Garner’s names ring through our society right now as the names of the black men killed by police. The lost lives of these men symbolize the source of this incredible protest movement getting so much media coverage. However, the movement did not start with just those two killings. The mainstream corporate-controlled… Read More

We Could All Do A Lot Better

On a site like this that’s entire focus is opposing aggressive violence, either through prevention or self-defense, the issue of violence committed by police is so relevant yet so difficult and complicated to address. Frankly, that’s why I do not want to say anything else except watch this video which addresses that topic amazingly: Download… Read More

Top 10 Martial Arts in the World

Photo Credit Undoubtedly, people have different reasons for getting into martial arts. While some are looking for a spectator sports, others use martial arts as a hands-on exercise they can also use to effectively practice self-defense. With numerous practices to pick from, choosing the most suitable one to get into can be very challenging. Narrow… Read More


This breaks my heart. Over 2 million people in the United States are in prison. Most are in there for non-violent, consensual crimes such as marijuana possession. Even if we consider only the violent offenders, the fact remains that spending vast effort and money locking people up after they have hurt someone is more inefficient… Read More

Is CT DCF Doing More Harm Than Good?

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families (CT DCF) is given about a billion taxpayer dollars a year. CT DCF has roughly 4,300 children in its custody on any given day. CT DCF is touted as an institution whose job it is to protect children and be a parent for children without parents, namely children… Read More

Man Facing Life For Pot Brownies

I just read a disturbing news article about a Texas man, Jacob Lavoro, who has been arrested for making and selling pot brownies and cookies. If convicted he is facing the same sentence as many convicted murderers because both crimes are first degree felonies in Texas. That’s 5 years to life for selling pot brownies.… Read More

Best of #mynypd

In case you’ve been living in a cave this week and haven’t heard, the NYPD tried to dive into social networking promotions with the hashtag #mynypd. They asked citizens to post pictures of themselves with the state’s armed soldiers in the war on drugs, prostitution, permitless business, just being brown or black, and–maybe the biggest… Read More