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Is CT DCF Doing More Harm Than Good?

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families (CT DCF) is given about a billion taxpayer dollars a year. CT DCF has roughly 4,300 children in its custody on any given day. CT DCF is touted as an institution whose job it is to protect children and be a parent for children without parents, namely children… Read More

Removing Kids from Abusive Homes

I just read an interesting letter in which John Hemming urged the UK government to stop punishing women who are victims of domestic violence by taking their children away. A recent UK government report revealed that “51.1% of women who have had their children removed had it done so in part because they were victims… Read More

Domestic Violence Starts at Home

I just read an interesting article that says that domestic violence starts at home. Basically, the article says that we cannot rely on police and courts to stop domestic violence because arrest and punishment can only do so much. The article then suggests intensive counseling for at-risk couples as well as putting more effort into… Read More

Nearly 25% of Women Suffer From Domestic Violence

According to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey, 23.6 percent of U.S. women and 11.5 percent of U.S. men reported being a victim of domestic violence at some point in their lives. The CDC estimates that 1,200 women are killed and 2 million are injured in domestic violence every year in the… Read More

Powerful Music Video about Domesic Abuse

Hip-hop artist Big Lou told me about the YouTube music video of his song, Stop Hittin Me. Even if you do not tend to like hip-hop music, I beg you to watch this powerful music video about domestic violence: I love the song. And I love the fact that Big Lou uses his talent to… Read More

Getting Abuse Victims to Help Themselves

Trying to stop domestic violence can prove very hard, namely because victims often fail to report the abuse and leave the abusive place or relationship. Victims protect their perpetrator for various reasons, some include self-blame, psychological dependence, and fear. Women who leave an abusive husband have a greatly increased chance of getting killed by that… Read More

Assessing Domestic Abuse Lethality

Many police stations across Maryland have implemented a new procedure when responding to domestic violence complaints to discover which victims have the highest risk of getting murdered by their partner. A Washington Post article describes the program, saying that it consists of an 11 questions quiz that probes whether victims have ever been threatened with… Read More

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In case you don’t know, I want to tell you that October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic violence is a horrible but prevalent problem. For example, at least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime. You can reach the National Domestic Violence Hotline… Read More

Domestic Violence Video

I found the following good video about domestic violence on YouTube: I like that the video also addresses domestic violence against men and children. I think the song fits the theme. What do you think?

Elder Abuse

Today I want to highlight a type of abuse that people sometimes overlook – the abuse of elderly people. Every year, an estimated 2.1 million elderly Americans suffer from physical abuse, psychological abuse, or other forms of abuse and neglect. Experts estimate that only 1 in 6 incidences of elder abuse get reported. No matter… Read More

Give Domestic Abuse Victims a Way Out

Domestic abuse victims often stay in their abusive relationships and violent homes because these victims feel they have no way out. If you suspect a person may suffer from domestic abuse, offer that person a way out. For example, if a woman friend of yours may get abused, offer to let her stay at your… Read More