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Credit Bureaus Scare Me

I never liked the idea of credit bureaus. They make money by keeping tabs on people without the permission of those people. The company lifelock works on behalf of consumers. They charge $10 per month to help you protect your identity. Obviously, the credit bureaus only care about making money. To make money, they will… Read More

Identity Theft & Bureaucracy

TransWorldNews reports on identity theft: In late April, the Federal Identity Theft Task Force, formed last year to investigate this crime, released findings and recommendations. According to Robert Siciliano, a widely televised and quotedpersonal security and identity theft expert, the announcement was one more example of government bureaucracy seemingly unable to counter identity theft in… Read More

Identity Theft

Identity theft could happen to anyone. It is a criminal offense in which a person intends to acquire an identification of another person and uses it without proper authorization as he adopts it as it was his own. Most often, the purpose is for financial gain. A criminal may gather information by tapping a phone… Read More

5 Easy Steps for Preventing Identity Theft

by Kurt Howard Identity theft can be one of the most stressful experiences you can ever have and falling victim to ID theft is becoming more and more common today. Although there are certain situations that are out of your control which can lead to identity theft, there are numerous steps you can take that… Read More

4 Common Sense Ways to Protect Your Identity

by Dave Galahad It’s hard to get through a week without reading about someone’s identity being stolen and their financial life literally ruined in a short period of time. Identity theft is relatively easy and sometimes the crime isn’t discovered until victims are several thousand dollars in the hole. We make it very easy for… Read More