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A Letter To Men

I just read a letter to the men of the world on Allyssa Milan’s blog. As it seems to me, the letter has a humorous tone even though it addresses serious feelings. The letter talks about men’s general emotional insensitivity, not about the more extreme abuse that I often post about here. I don’t necessarily… Read More

Humans Naturally Crave Violence

I just read an interesting article by Jeanna Bryner about a study with mice that shows that humans naturally crave violence. In the study, mice would purposely hit a target that would cause an intruder mouse to come into their cage. The mice would do this so that they could fight. Additionally, experimentation with the… Read More

Self-Defense and Safety RSS Feed

I want to make sure that you all know that this blog has an RSS feed. Here is the URL of this blog’s RSS feed: If you do not know what an RSS feed is, let me tell you. It is a form of internet syndication. Users can subscribe to RSS feeds, and then… Read More

Osteopath Caught Fondling Patients

I just read a disturbing article about an osteopath caught fondling patients. After two complaints about the 49-year-old osteopath named Owen Bull, an undercover policewoman posed as a patient and caught him in the act. Bull went so far as to try and orally rape one of his patients. Unfortunately, I imagine incidents like this… Read More

Verizon Wireless Offers Violence Prevention Grants

Nancy Dooling released the following information to the press about grants offered by Verizon Wireless to fund violence prevention and education projects: Verizon Wireless is offering a $2,500 grant to non-profit organizations in the Southern Tier to fund violence prevention and education projects. The company is offering $57,500 in grants throughout Upstate New York. The… Read More

Avurt IM-5

Security With Advanced Technology announced today that its new non-lethal personal protection device, the Avurt IM-5 launcher, has commenced production and will be available for pre-sales initially on its new website,, beginning August 1, 2007. “We are excited about completing the design and development of the first Avurt launcher as well as introducing our… Read More

Tragic Cheshire Home Invasion

I do not know how much national coverage this story received, but since Monday all the news media in Connecticut has greatly covered a triple-homicide home invasion that began at 3 a.m. and involved rape, arson, burglary, and kidnapping. The horrific story gained so much coverage, because it happened in in the upscale town of… Read More

A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime

Punk band Anti-Flag will release a new compilation album on October 02, 2007, called A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime.  The album will donate some proceeds to The Center for Victims of Violence and Crime. It features five new Anti-Flag studio tracks in addition to recordings of live performances. I like this idea, which… Read More

12-Year-Old Charged With Rape

While reading through the news today, I saw a disturbing story about a 12-year-old charged with rape in Australia. The story makes me very disappointed. The boy apparently attacked a woman in the middle of the day. I find it disturbing enough when I see all the stories about teenagers committing these horrible acts, but… Read More

The Zero Group

In the world of security, the hardest way to keep a low profile is over telecommunications. Phones and mobile phones alike can be tracked, numbers can be logged, and voices and speech patterns can be recognized even when tracks are covered. There are very few solutions to those who do require a sense of extra… Read More

Fight Like a Girl

Stephanie Paterik recently wrote about Fight Like a Girl. I include an excerpt: Fighting like a girl may be considered a weakness. Phoenix business owner Cory Kahabka thinks it is the best thing a woman can do. Kahabka, president and co-owner of Absotively, which helps merging companies integrate, is a fourth-degree black belt in karate… Read More