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Holiday Shopping Theft

During the holiday season, pickpockets and thieves can target the stressed, hurrying people at all the packed stores and malls. Make sure you keep track of all your possessions and your wallet or purse. Also, avoid carrying a lot of cash on you. Also, if you notice your credit cards, debit cards, or gift cards… Read More

Do Not Leave Valuables In Your Car

I just read an article about a man who left his wallet and some other stuff in his car while at dinner. Thieves stole his stuff and used his credit cards to charge $2,500 before he even knew. The main lesson is to not leave valuables in the car. I would hope that the credit… Read More

Crack Gets More Jail Time Than Manslaughter

A recent AlterNet article pointed out the absurdity of strict drug laws in comparison to the softer laws against violent crime. The article focuses on the draconian laws against the possession of crack cocaine. The first sentence of the article sums it up nicely: “When crack cocaine possession means 24 years in prison and manslaughter… Read More

Business Robbery Prevention Tips

In a recent article, published some security tips for business owners to do their part in the prevention of robbery: Have at least two employees open and close the business; Do not release personal information to strangers; Keep purses and personal valuables locked in desks or lockers; Install a robbery alarm and use it;… Read More

Catching Crooks’ Eyes

While a thief always holds full legal responsibility for their crime, potential victims often hold some non-legal blame. Potential victims leave themselves vulnerable to attack and attractive to potential attackers. A victim’s stupidity in no way absolves the perpetrator. Still, if you want to avoid getting robbed, you have to protect yourself by not leaving… Read More