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Recidivism and the Prison Industry (Part 1)

In regards to criminal behavior, recidivism refers to criminals re-offending after release from prison. In the United States, the recidivism rate is approximately 60%, which means that more than half of people released from prison commit another known crime. An incarceration system could find many effective ways to significantly reduce the recidivism rate. And I… Read More

Violent Criminal Rehabilitation

For the most part, most incarceration systems do not rehabilitate offenders. After convicting violent criminals and victimizers, we throw them in a horrible prison where they suffer while associating with other criminals. We either leave them there for life, or let them out after a certain amount of time. When we let them out, they… Read More

The Harm in Sex-Offender Laws

In a recent article, Patty Wetterling suggested that some strict sex-offender laws may do more harm than good, namely by making it difficult for ex-offenders to reintegrate into society. This week it published a 143-page report, “No Easy Answers: Sex Offender Laws in the United States.” The researchers examined whether we are building safer communities… Read More

Sex Offender Laws Require Revision

Jim Hines recently wrote an article about the need for revision in sex offender laws. I include an excerpt: “Jessica’s Law,” while not perfect, assigns a much greater mandatory prison sentence (25 years) to those who rape or molest the youngest (under 12) and most vulnerable (disabled and seniors). It also mandates GPS monitoring for… Read More

Harsher Laws For Repeat Offenders

Nowadays, I often observe various people call for harsher penalties for repeat offenders. According to U.S. Department of Justice, of the people released from jail, an estimated 67.5% get rearrested for a felony or serious misdemeanor within 3 years. I like most people have a major problem with revolving door justice. However, calling for harsher… Read More