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Doctor Explains Teen Violence Prevention Plan

I just read a great article by Dawn Turner Trice about Dr. Carl Bell’s teen violence prevention principles. Bell works as a respected psychiatrist, violence-prevention expert and president of Chicago’s Community Mental Health Council. He also wrote the book, The Sanity of Survival: Reflections on Community Mental Health and Wellness. Perhaps referencing Bell, the author… Read More

Prevent Violence By Joining Kids Online

A recent news story from Toronto quotes the police there as saying that adults can prevent violence by joining kids online. Scott Mills, who runs the Toronto Crime Stoppers school program, said, “I could prevent violence more so from my desk than I could driving around to schools. Just by being out there, engaging with… Read More

Teen Victims Need Support

Dennis O’Brien recently wrote about teenage sexual assault victims and their need for parental support. I include an excerpt: Teens are victims of sexual assault more frequently than many adults realize, said Dawn Jonas, a therapist at Bridgeway Counseling Services who deals exclusively with survivors of rape, incest and other types of sexual abuse. Bridgeway… Read More

Daily Teen Violence vs. Virgina Tech Shooting

Brittany Robinson recently wrote about teen violence. I include an excerpt: […]the number of student victims lost in the Virginia Tech massacre is the same number of teen victims we lose to gun violence in our country every four days. That may be a little hard to swallow. These are the kinds of statistics that… Read More

Violent Video Games Do Not Cause Teen Violence

The ASA reports that violent video games do not cause teen violence: The American Sociological Association (ASA) has published a report claiming that there is no link between violent video games and homicidal behaviour in children. Following high profile school shootings in the US, most famously at Columbine High School, many reports have attempted to… Read More

Risk Factors of Teen Violence

For the last day of Teen Violence Awareness and Prevention Week, I give you the following list from Focus Adolescent Services of risk factors that can condition children to violence. Research studies have shown that violent behavior can be decreased or even prevented if these risk factors are significantly reduced or eliminated: Being the victim… Read More

New National Teen Violence Hotline

John Coté recently reported about the start of a 24 hour teen violence hotline: Females between the ages of 16 and 24 are more vulnerable to intimate partner violence than any other age group — at a rate almost triple the national average, according to a 2001 U.S. Department of Justice report. About 1 in… Read More

Working With Teen Violence

A recent Siskiyou Daily reports on teen dating violence for Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week: Teen dating violence, a silent epidemic, affects one in three U.S. teens, boys and girls alike. February 5 – 9 is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week, and it is the perfect time to help teach… Read More

Teen Violence Awareness and Prevention Week

Marilyn Henry wrote an informative article about teen violence. She says: …for the second year the U.S. Senate has designated the week of Feb. 5 as Teen Violence Awareness and Prevention Week. Teen violence is a significant problem often not recognized by teens, parents, teachers and others who have daily contact with adolescents. According to… Read More