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The Lost War

A recent post on The Liberty Papers about the lost war on drugs cites a Washington Post article and explains how the war on drugs funds crime and terrorism.

Of course, the war on drugs also reduces the safety of innocent people in other ways. Namely, resources get wasted chasing down non-violent people for victimless crimes.

Underfunded police departments dedicate some of their limited manpower on victimless crimes, rather than on protecting people from victimization.

Overcrowded jails and prisons release violent offenders to make room for non-violent drug offenders. Of course, the war on drugs causes the overcrowding considering that non-violent drug “offenders” make up 25% of U.S. inmates. This overcrowding hinders the ability of jails to rehabilitate violent offenders before releasing them.

Tax payers have to foot the bill for this needless war on drugs.

What do you think?

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