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Comments On The Anti-Rape Female Condom

I recently posted about an anti-rape female condom, which is basically a latex tube with shafts of sharp, inward-facing plastic barbs. Women can wear it in their vagina like a tampon, and it would hook onto the penis of any attackers. Ideally, the pain would give the victim a chance to escape and would help police catch the rapist who would have to go to a hospital to get the anti-rape condom removed.

One of this blog’s readers posted a YouTube video with her thoughts about the anti-rape female condom. Check it out.

Many people seem to worry that women could purposely misuse the device to hurt and frame innocent men with rape. While that could happen and would probably happen, I don’t think it gives us a reason to ban the device. If a woman wants to hurt a man, she can do it with or without the device. If she wants to hurt him while having consensual sex, as to frame him with rape, she could also do that with or without the condom.

What do you think?

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