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Muslim Defends Jews From Hate Crime

I just read an interesting but unfortunate story about a hate crime that occurred on New York’s Q train. According to the charges, a group of 10 young Brooklynites attacked and beat up a group of three Jewish riders after the Jewish riders wished them a Happy Hanukkah. The gang of thugs yelled anti-Semitic slurs, including stupidly claiming that the Jews killed Jesus during Hanukkah.

Witnessing the three Jewish people getting attacked, a 20-year old Bangladeshi Muslim named Hassan Askari jumped to their aid, which resulted in the gang of thugs similarly beating Hassan Askari. Walter Adler, one of the victims, credits Hassan Askari with saving him and his two friends.

In a verse about 9/11, Talib Kweli said, “we see the best examples of humanity in the face of the worst,” and I think that applies to this situation as well. Despite the terrible foulness of the anti-Semitic hate crime, we can find hope in the brotherhood and humanity that a Muslim stranger demonstrated for the Jewish victims.

Police arrested the 10 attackers, and the prosecutors will pursue hate crime charges.

In the following video, Walter Adler and Hassan Askari talk about the attack.

In that video, you can see some of their bruises, most notably the ones Hassan Askari received trying to defend the Jewish strangers.

I hope to see less hate crimes and less hate in general. I hope to see more brotherhood and humanity.

What do you think?

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2 Responses

  1. Sinn says

    I love, apricate and adore act of humanity in any form and this one was the one that requred big cojones from the Hassan, to put yourself in danger to protect others.

    Big respect for that.

  2. Linda says

    It is a touching and hope inspiring story. Yes, it is true that in the worst situations u see the best in humantiy. This gives us hope even when we think people are such cruel creatures.


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