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State Focuses on Pot Users Instead of Violent Criminals

According to FBI statistics, the number of arrests for marijuana exceeds the number of arrests for violent crimes.

That makes me very angry!

I detest the fact that the United States wastes hundreds of billions of dollars per year waging a war on drugs so that it can overwork the courts and overcrowd the jails with non-violent drug users. We could put all those resources into reducing violent crime and criminal victimization, such as rape, murder, robbery, battery, vandalism and so forth.

You may wonder why governments would choose to waste money as such. I would explain it by pointing out that governments like to waste money. The wasted taxpayer dollars represent jobs and profits for a lot of bureaucrats, political cronies, and special interest groups.

Drug prohibition increases violent crime. Not only does it divert resources away from violent crime, but also it funds violent criminals by handing the multi-billion-dollar drug industry over to the black market, which in turn increases government corruption and increases the availability of drugs to minors.

Let’s reduce violent crime by decriminalizing marijuana. Let’s focus our resources on violent crime rather than on non-violent drug-users.

What do you think?

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One Response

  1. Cindy says

    I would much rather have someone on the street who had just smoked marijuana than someone who just murdered someone. But then there is the “but pot is a gateway drug” – BALONEY and no I do not have any facts to back up my opinion afterall is is just an opinion.

    My thought on it all is tax pot just like they tax gasoline and cigarettes, for sure if it’s legalized it will run a lot of drug dealers out of business (again just an opinion not backed by any facts). Then use the tax money to educate our children on the effects of drug abuse including alcohol! Whatever money is left over dump into our school system – maybe if the schools today were more like the schools of the past the world would be a little less addictive and have some empty jail cells!


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