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Let’s Stop Violence and Victimization not Victimless Crimes

Sometime in April, I hope to read Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society by Peter McWilliams. The book came out in 1996, and the author died in 2000.

In the book, according to the description I read, McWilliams argues in support of the legalization of victimless and consensual crimes, such as gambling, prostitution, recreational drug usage, pornography, homosexuality, gambling, and other activities in which all participants (who are competent adults) have consented and thus nobody has been victimized against their will.

I also support the legalization of victimless and consensual crimes, so I bet I will like the book.

I define victimization as the act of one person or group hurting a second person or group against the will of the second person or group. That includes acts such as murder, rape, vandalism and robbery. I see it as a waste of resources and an unnecessary limitation on freedom for the government to criminalize victimless behaviors and expensively attack people who commit those acts. I think the criminalization of victimless behaviors increases violent crime and victimization by diverting law enforcement resources and by increasing and funding a criminal underground.

What do you think?

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