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National Identification Systems: Essays in Opposition

While trying to find contemporary anarcha-feminist authors today, I came across a book edited by Carl Watner and by Wendy McElroy, entitled National Identification Systems: Essays in Opposition.

When I get a chance, I may read the book. I don’t know if I will because it does not have any reviews or ratings on Amazon. Have any of you read it; do you recommend it?

I have this blog to address violent crime and victimization. Most often, government surveillance and national identification systems will be proposed under the pretense of security. However, to roughly paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, I believe that a society that gives up essential liberty to achieve safety will receive neither. I believe we can effectively reduce (and ideally come close to eliminating) violent crime and victimization without adopting excessive government surveillance or identification systems. In fact, I believe the bureaucracy and abuse in excessive surveillance systems will hinder our society’s ability to reduce violent crime.

Anyway, I think I will like the book because of my opinions on the matter. What do you think?

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