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How Israelis Secure Airports Without Seeing You Naked

Michael Totten wrote an interesting article in the New York Post about airport security based on personal experience.

I’m sure you have heard about the recent uproar in the United States about the Transportation Security Administration’s new procedure to use a machine to essentially see people naked or, if people refuse the machine, to actually feel the travelers’ genitals.

In the article, Michael Totten explains how the Israeli airport system really prevents terrorists from even getting to the metal detectors without ineffective sexually invasive searches. Michael Totten writes:

The [Israeli] system has its advantages, though, aside from the fact that no one looks or reaches into anyone’s pants. Israelis don’t use security theater to make passengers feel like they’re safe. They use real security measures to ensure that travelers actually are safe. Even when suicide bombers exploded themselves almost daily in Israeli cities, not a single one managed to get through that airport.

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    We are always trying to re-invent the wheel instead of adopting policies already created that work!


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