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A Million U.S. Gang Members

The number of gang members in the United States exceeded 1 million as of 2009.

The top reasons for gang involvement are:

  • low income
  • learning disabilities and emotional disorders
  • peer pressure

94% are male.


Unfortunately, it’s much harder to reach and save these kids and young men after they have entered a gang, due to a self-perpetuating downward spiral as they become more and more entrenched in and dependent upon the gang. It seems obvious to me that the only effective way to significantly get those numbers down is to prevent kids and young men from entering gangs in the first place by addressing those three root causes.

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  1. Lou says

    Unfortunately this is becoming all too common in the U.S. All the more reason for people to arm them selves with non-lethal self defense products like pepper spray. Mace, or a stun gun.


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