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Privacy: How Much Do They Know about You

Over the last week there has been a huge uproar over the revelation of the depths to which the NSA has been spying on American citizens without probable cause. Namely, people learned how Verizon turned over all its records to NSA, meaning the government has kept records of all your phone calls and text messages… Read More

Expert Offers Cyber Security Tips

Cara Baruzzi recently wrote an article about cyber security. I include an excerpt: Despite spending “too much” on Internet security measures, most business owners feel increasingly vulnerable to hacking and outside attacks, according to Ed Amoroso, AT&T Inc.’s chief information security officer. Business owners need to change their approach to Internet and computer system security,… Read More

Internet Safety Group Broadens Mission

Dibya Sarkar wrote an article about an internet safety group broadening its mission: The explosion of social networking sites such as and Second Life, along with free video sharing sites like, is making it increasingly difficult to protect children surfing the Internet, says Stephen Balkam, who founded a voluntary website rating system seven… Read More