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Expert Offers Cyber Security Tips

Cara Baruzzi recently wrote an article about cyber security. I include an excerpt:

Despite spending “too much” on Internet security measures, most business owners feel increasingly vulnerable to hacking and outside attacks, according to Ed Amoroso, AT&T Inc.’s chief information security officer.

Business owners need to change their approach to Internet and computer system security, Amoroso said. Traditionally, businesses, like consumers who use computers at home, have relied on software to combat everything from spam to hacking, but an overdependence on software actually is a big part of the problem, he added.

“Software is a fundamental issue,” Amoroso said, because most is flawed in some way, making businesses susceptible to outside intrusions. “I’ve never seen software that isn’t broken; there’s probably no such thing. We live in a world where most of the software that’s running around is probably unnecessary and probably broken.”

Therefore, he urged computer users to seek out more efficient software programs and use fewer of them, to cut down on the number of flaws in the system.

Read entire article by Cara Baruzzi.

Businesses need to put especial attention towards cyber security, because they have money and finances to secure. Unlike personal computers who mostly only have to worry about malicious attacks, businesses get targeted by cyber thieves often.

I think the expert correctly advises to not rely too heavily on software. Hackers and cyber attackers know how to beat the software. Perhaps, business owners need to learn to work their network well or hire someone to know it, because they need to know their network’s security better than a potential cyber attacker.

What do you think?

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  1. Emily - undetectable trojan says

    Using cyber security is not a new vogue. But internet must also be secured since at present most of the hackers are hacking a site or any accounts via internet.


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