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Are Cops Unconstitutional?

Today, I read an article by Roger Roots that points out many of the flaws of government-run police, and even speculates that government-run police may be unconstitutional. I recommend giving the well-written and well-cited article a read. Although the government supposedly creates police with the intention of protecting people, the police have failed at protecting… Read More

Federal Sex Offender Commitment Law Ruled Unconstitutional

Joshua Pantesco about the ruling of a Federal sex offender commitment law as unconstitutional. I include an excerpt: A federal law allowing prison officials to indefinitely commit sex offenders to a mental hospital following their prison term is unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled Wednesday, effectively freeing five convicted sex offenders pending the government’s filing of… Read More

Crime Prevention

I think many local governments and communities fail to focus enough on crime prevention. They put most of their resources into catching perpetrators after the crime or during the crime. Obviously, it makes more sense to take action before crimes happen than it does to wait until they happen. I suggest that local governments work… Read More

Less Safe Six Years Later

Six years ago, a horrible event occurred. Terrorists murdered 3,000 people. Six years later, the people of the United States are in more danger, in my opinion. The Bush Administration has duped the American public into the needless invasion and occupation of Iraq, which most of the world views as unjustified. Indeed, 41% of American… Read More

Iraq Occupation Endangers U.S. People

The occupation of Iraq has cost well over $400 billion so far, and estimates of its total cost exceed $1 trillion. More Americans have died in Iraq than on 9/11, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died. Unfortunately, this expensive occupation reduces the safety of United States citizens and increases the threat of… Read More

Violence Starts at Home

I have heard politicians and others say that violence starts in the home, meaning that rising or continuing violent crime rates result from bad parenting. While they say this to excuse their own law enforcement failures, I cannot deny the truth. Many violent children learned violence from growing up around it. Even if parents do… Read More

Stop Local Victimization

Do you want to stop local victimization and violent crime in your neighborhood? I assume you do. I suggest writing a letter to the police chief in your neighborhood and also his superiors, including the mayor and others. Tell them that you want law enforcement funds and resources put towards stopping violent crime and victimization.… Read More

The Lost War

A recent post on The Liberty Papers about the lost war on drugs cites a Washington Post article and explains how the war on drugs funds crime and terrorism. Of course, the war on drugs also reduces the safety of innocent people in other ways. Namely, resources get wasted chasing down non-violent people for victimless… Read More

Our Police State

Tonight, while driving I had to stop for a cop in the street at, as I then found out, a DUI checkpoint. After looking at my license and asking if I had anything to drink, the cop quickly let me on my way. While I want the cops to stop drunk driving to protect innocent… Read More

I Suggest Private Police

Violent crime continues to devastate the lives of millions of United States citizens every year, as well as billions of people worldwide. Governments, both local and federal, do not stop it. With what resources they do muster, these governments focus huge portions on victimless crimes such as drug possession, prostitution and not wearing a seat… Read More

Death Penalty Does Not Deter Murder

Jeremy J. Collins recently wrote an article about the death penalty. In the article he included that following statistics: Murder rates are lower in states without the death penalty. This holds true even when comparing neighboring states. While Southern states account for over 80 percent of the executions in this country, they have consistently had… Read More

Keep Dangerous People Locked Up

I think modern incarceration systems need to seriously refocus their methods on two principles: 1. Keep all convicted victimizers locked up until, if ever, they no longer pose a threat to innocent people in society. 2. As quickly as reasonably possible, release everyone who we can safely release into society. Focus everything to do with… Read More