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Drinking and Victimization

I just read an interesting report on ScienceDaily about the increased danger for young college women who drink alcohol. Basically, the research shows that females who drink more in their first year of college have a higher chance of experiencing victimization than the females who do not drink. The research also shows that new drinkers… Read More

Self-Defense Classes in Grade School

I do not remember ever having any self-defense conferences or events while in grade school. We had a lot of conferences, some memorable ones about fire safety or not dropping out, but none about self-defense. I would like to see self-defense conferences at schools. From elementary school all the way through high-school, I think such… Read More

Students Can Take Self-Defense Courses

Most colleges offer classes about self-defense and victimization awareness. Classes can vary from hands-on training of self-defense moves to sit-down classes that discuss such acts as sexual assault and rape in a more academic light. These classes can teach students how to avoid danger, prevent victimization, and if all else fails physically defend themselves. Usually,… Read More

School Slayings Facts

In addition to supporting those who have been affected by the massacre at Virgina Tech, we need to find ways to prevent future school slayings. To that end, I have included some facts about school slayings. The U.S. Secret Service, in their ground-breaking report, “Safe School Initiative,” produced in the aftermath of Columbine, determined the… Read More

Kansas State Violence Prevention Tips

The AP reports on violence prevention tips offered by Kansas State: Kansas State University is passing on tips to everyone so another incident like Virginia Tech doesn’t happen again. They say the first thing you can do is pay attention to the people around you. Learning to recognize calls for help like changes in behavior… Read More

College Campus Safety Self Defense

Ruby Aragon writes about the danger for students on college campuses: College campuses are full of learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. Unfortunately, college campuses can also be very dangerous – especially for young students who thrive on their new-found independence which often brings with it an “It won’t happen to me”… Read More

School Safety: Train Teachers

Bob Renzi believes that teachers represent the first and best line of defense against school violence. While several school shootings, including the murders of several Amish school children in the central part of the state recently, make the news, Renzi believes teachers can learn to prevent some tragedies. He said reports of school violence have… Read More