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Tools For Self-Defense Strategy

by Scott Hughes

Guys, if you’re like me, you know that violent crime and victimization is very real. You know of the dangerousness of our times. You understand the importance of self-defense and preparedness. And, you worry about the women that are important to you.

Ladies, you have to not only take care of yourself, but also worry about the other women in your life. I hope the following helps you create a successful defense strategy.

Let me share 4 tools you want to make sure all the women you care about have to protect themselves:

1. Make sure every woman has a defense spray, such as pepper-spray or Mace. The usefulness of defense sprays should be obvious. Since defense-sprays are non-lethal and cause no permanent damage, they can be used without hesitation. Additionally, because of their particular defensiveness, defense sprays are permitted into most places, unlike more brutish weapons such as knives or guns. Defense sprays are definitely the defense weapon of choice. They are so safe and ideal for defense, that most people don’t even call them a weapon. You can ensure all-around defense spray protection with a multi-pack, such as the Pepper Shot Tri-Pack.

2. Make sure every woman has a personal alarm, a car alarm, and home alarm. Although it may seem redundant to have both a defense spray and a personal alarm, it isn’t. A personal alarm offers a completely different defensive tactic. Unlike just a defense spray, a personal alarm sends out a screeching alarm that is easily recognized as a call for help. Such an alarm not only will notify others around to get help, but the alarm can also force the assailant to abort the assault. Personal alarms are available here.

3. A dog can serve as a great defense tool. They say dogs are man’s best friend, but I also think dogs can be woman’s best friend as well. Dogs often can act as a simple preventive measure, because most assailants and burglars will be scared away by a dog. Assailants want easy targets; they have no reason to bother with difficult ones. The dog can help both at home and on walks. Often dogs can work more effectively than electronic alarms. Also, the presence of a loving dog offers comfort that an alone woman otherwise wouldn’t have. Even if you don’t have a dog at home, you can use the Electronic Dog Watch to mimic the presence of a dog.

4. Make sure every woman takes self-defense classes. I’m often shocked by the number of women who take non-defensive courses such as yoga and aerobics, but don’t take self-defense classes; especially since most of the health and fitness benefits also come with many self-defense and martial arts courses. A self-defense and safety class will teach the student both the physical techniques and the psychology of preventing and surviving dangerous situations. Use these guidelines for choosing a self-defense course.

Obviously, it is up to each person individually to prepare and handle their own defense in their own way. A successful defense strategy consists of more then 4 simple tools. A successful defense strategy includes a myriad of tools, and both an understanding and usage of those tools. For women, I hope you use these tools as the building blocks of a successful defense strategy. For men, make sure the women you care about have these tools to build a successful self-defense strategy.

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5 Responses

  1. Personal alarm says

    I would suggest attaching a personal alarm to the outside on your handbag or your car keys so it is easily accessible. Don’t have it in the bottom on your bag!

  2. John says

    would a fire extinguisher jam a gun and prevent firing? it would could blind a shooter and possibly cause shock from chilling.

    A ring with a spike dispensing a quick acting anesthetic would be very handy.

    How about a squirt gun or squirter full of Chloroseptic into the eyes?

    Rings or bracelets can keep weapons ready for instant deployment.

  3. Indian Women Forum says

    Apart from the pepper spray, non-defensive courses like yoga,aerobics make strong both physically & mentally. It gives confidence even with bare hands and can able to face any situation.

  4. Adia says

    It’s also important to remember that any weapon you hold can be used against YOU. Even if it is just pepper spray, if the attacker gets that, he has another weapon in his “artillery stash.”

  5. Mike says

    In addition to pepper spray, I would recommend that the ladies carry some of the spray that has flourescent die. That makes it easier for police to help ID your attacker.


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