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Alarms are the number one deterrent for burglars

Fit Deadlocks on all doors and windows, do not leave the key in the lock but leave a key in each room in a place well known by all family Members in case you needed to get out in case of Emergency

Dogs are a big deterrent to Burglars

Fit Security lighting at entrances to your home

Do you have a Neighborhood watch Program in your area?

You spend a lot of time at home Make it a safe place

Natural Weapons that you can use that are probably already scattered around

Change the locks when you 1st move you never know who may still have keys

Add Deadlocks to all doors and windows

Keep these windows locked (Windows can be locked in a semi-open position)

Every room should have an item that can be used as a weapon

Pens are great weapons, have one in every room and know how you could use it

Make sure that you know a way that you could get out of every room in the house via a window maybe, and whats on the other side of that window Garage, long drop ?

The kitchen is full of weapons from knives to chemicals (oven cleaner, detergents)

The bathroom can also have cleaners, perfumes, objects etc

A small toilet can also make a good safe place as you can sit and jam the door shut with your legs, there are also chemicals Bleach etc, toilet brushes too

Laundry rooms also make an access way into your house, if theres a window in there make sure that its locked, dont leave keys in the locks (Doors or windows).

Keep the iron in the Laundry room as this can be a very effective weapon, especially when hot

Close your blinds at night so burglars cannot have freedom to look inside and see what you have.

Do you know your way around your home in the pitch black of the night?

Do not use your full name on your mailbox or in the phone book

Do not leave a schedule of your away times on the answering machine.

If youre home alone, do not let strangers know, invent a room mate

Know your neighbors in case of emergency

Do not allow strangers into your home to use the phone, offer to make the call for them

Ask for photo ID of repairs people. If necessary phone their Company to verify

Dont hide spare keys in easily accessible places.

Consider creating a safe room in your house with a separate phone line or Cell phone

Never give personal information out to telephone solicitors

Check whose at the door before you open it

Dont label keys with your name and personal information on them

Always carry enough change to make a phone call.

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  1. Lou Nemeth says

    Another tip I would add is not to announce your vacation plans on social networking sites like Facebook. Once the bad guys know that you are out of town it’s shockingly easy for them to find your address online.

    Also, a loud T.V. or radio can be the best deterrent to a would be thief. I always leave a radio on when I’m away from the house and I have my T.V. on a timer when I’m away on vacation to make it appear as if I’m home.

  2. Faith Marie says

    Can I suggest the idea of installing home safety devices like adding a door brace to your doors? It’s proven and tested and will surely guarantee your safety. 🙂


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