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Guns can be extremely dangerous but so can an automobile, a butcher knife, or any number of items that could potentially be used as a weapon. You may also keep in mind that a responsible person concealing a weapon may well someday save your life from one of the hundreds of thousands out there who don’t give a shit about laws, permits, or proper gun safety. A person who concienciously carries a gun and has gone through proper handling and safety classes may be a real asset in a dangerous moment.

There you have it, perspective from a properly trained, experienced gun owner and carrier. Not out looking for someone too shoot, not drawing the weapon and showing off, following all rules of safety and handling and understanding the feelings of people who are anti-gun. I don’t want anyone to disregard other formats of self defense. There are many formidable methods of self protection which don’t involve firearms, and I would suggest that these be investigated along with weapons use. Until recently I had the capabilities to defend myself with street fighting methods but a worsening pulmonary condition pretty much prevents me from physical combat any more.

Read entire article by Peter J.

I personally tend to prefer to promote alternative self-defense measures such as pepper spray and tasers, rather than guns. Nonetheless, I absolutely respect the right of an innocent person to own a gun. (In fact, I respect the right of an innocent person to do whatever they wish insofar as they do not harm anyone else.) Additionally, Peter J makes great points in the above article.

I think we can all agree that education and prevention are the best methods of self-defense, and that in a best case scenario we would avoid or diffuse dangerous situations before the need for violent self-defense became necessary.

What do you think?

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8 Responses

  1. Thomas Tresch says


    I also don’t agree with the just ourselves, or I and mine, as a philosophy for the armed. Do not forget one of the best quotes of the modern era…”With great power comes great responsibility.” Responsibility not just to ourselves and our own but to all those with less power that we encounter.

  2. Jim says


    We don’t need to make it work for all of us, just for ourselves. Like the state can’t regulate, save, or incarcerate everyone, neither can we. Save your own life and your own house, and if everyone is as smart as you and me, everyone will be right as rain.

  3. Bob Reynolds says

    I have a permit to carry my firearm and do so at all times. I am not a “nut” but I do believe I have the right to protect myself and my family.

    Just look at the crime rates in places such as New York City and Washington DC. Why are they so high? Simple. The “bad guys” KNOW citizens are defenseless because of draconian laws that prohibit possession of firearms.

    The following link tells a story of how a lack of a firearm put a family through grief.

    It’s also important to remember why the 2ed Amendment to the Constitution was created. It’s NOT in place for people to hunt and target shoot. It IS in place to keep government in check. If government officials know that should something go seriously wrong with our Republic style system that armed citizens are in place. The 2ed Amendment is the “reset” button to the Constitution.

    Also if you do not subscribe to the 2ed Amendment take a look at
    Article 1, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution:“The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

  4. Thomas Tresch says

    Well, alternative methods are fine when they can be employed. Unfortunately, when some “person” drives by firing off rounds in relatively random directions on the street the only appropriate response would be to duck and cover (and if you are so armed, return fire from a covered position). As to the Way of the Samuria, they also adopted the firearm for use in situations where the distance to your enemy made more personal weapons useless. In other words, if someone is out of 3-step range and shooting at you (or another innocent) waving a personal weapon at them won’t do a whole heck of a lot. The only thing about “properly licensed and trained” that really bothers me is the fact that the standard and issuance are controlled by a governmental body. Makes it too easy to abuse and misuse the licensing list. Unfortunately, trying to start a non-profit and get the government to accept it’s authority instead would pose serious problems. I would still prefer a non-governmental system if we could just figure a way to make it work. Take care all…

  5. John says

    I just wanted to congratulate Nick on his well thought out comment, and his magnificent articulation of his point of view. To his point about the way of the Samurai, well, Nick, that fancy bamboo body armor didn’t fare too well against—drum roll, please–shitty as fuck guns. As firearms technology advanced to modern day smokeless powders, the use of high strength steel, rifled barrells, and select fire weapons, guns were and are being produced that actually are not shitty as fuck, and the samurai have gone the way of the Dodo bird. And oh, by the way, if you find your ass in a jam, the armed citizen who won’t be there with a shitty as fuck gun to bail you out your jackpot will be me. Have a pleasant day.

  6. Bill says

    The Samurai were shot! Swords are great, but guns work. You are much less likely to be involved in a deadly force encounter than a less than lethal event, where empty hand skills or pepper spray may be an option. But if you are unlucky enough to encounter a violent criminal with a knife or a gun, I hope you have been practicing and have your sword with you!

    Think Safety,


  7. Nick Sklias says

    I think that guns are shitty as fuck.
    What ever happened to the way of the samurai?

  8. Matt says

    I agree 100%. One thing to note, no taser or OC spray is as effective as a gun. My only other comment; call it Matt’s principle of BS laws: Trying to keep insane people from doing insane things by passing insane laws is insane.


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