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Too Much Focus On Guns

For the sake of this blog, I frequently read through the news and other blogs regarding topics related to self-defense and the prevention of violence and victimization. I have often found way too many posts about gun-related politics. I have even come across many blogs dedicated solely to gun-related politics. Pro-gun bloggers make posts about… Read More

Student Group Wants Concealed Weapons On Campuses

I just read an interesting article about a student group pushing for concealed weapons on college campuses. This group along with others wants colleges to allow students and other people to be allowed to carry concealed weapons on the campuses, because they believe it will make the campuses safer and protect the right to self-defense.… Read More

Mourning and Reflection on Violence in America

In a recent opinion article, Jonathan Zimmerman suggests that in the wake of the most recent American massacre we declare a National Day of Mourning and Reflection on Violence in America. I include an excerpt: It’s hard to know why a specific killer acted in the way he did. Rather than focusing narrowly upon this… Read More

A Gun Won’t Save You

Having a gun or knife will not protect you in all situations. You won’t have your gun or knife ready to use, and assailants won’t warn you before they get 21 feet from you. It takes 21 feet for you to pull out your gun and fire 2 rounds. A victimizer won’t have the good… Read More

D.C. Gun Ban Overturned reports: On the basis of Second Amendment protections, a US appeals court has struck down Washington, DC’s ban on owning most handguns. The case will likely to go to the Supreme Court, which would address the scope of the amendment for the first time in nearly 70 years. If the ruling is upheld there,… Read More

Self-Defense Gun Debate a Universal Issue

There is universality to the firearms and self-defense debate that surfaces in almost every country of the world. The debates over public policy in each country sound very similar to those we experience in the United States. Perhaps that is because the issues are universal: people everywhere can debate the moral and social arguments for… Read More

Athletes And Guns: A Loaded Question

Tampa Bay running back Errict Rhett was making a career of fearlessly confronting 300-pound linemen and rock-solid linebackers, but his first encounter with real, heart-thumping fright came the day he faced a .45-caliber muzzle. That was a decade ago[…] “My heart started beating so fast it was uncontrollable,” he said. “I’ve never been so scared.… Read More

Self-Defense & Guns

Guns can be extremely dangerous but so can an automobile, a butcher knife, or any number of items that could potentially be used as a weapon. You may also keep in mind that a responsible person concealing a weapon may well someday save your life from one of the hundreds of thousands out there who… Read More