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Self-Defense & Cops: Protectors Or Victimizers?

A cop goes to a fast-food drive-through and mistakenly thinks the female teenage cashier short-changes him. After the manager checks the drawer and finds that the cop’s 20 is non-existent, the cop hollers at the girl and arrests her. When the girl hollers back and asks to wait for her mama, the cop gets mad and sprays the teenage girl with Mace, sending her to the hospital. Isn’t this bully cop the kind of person we want to protect girls from?

Granted, the girl hollers back and doesn’t sound like the smartest in the world. However, she’s just a teenage girl working for minimum wage at a fast-food restaurant. The stupid & violent cop is a full grown man armed with a gun and Mace, who is paid much higher, with tax-dollars! Nonetheless, the girl could have dealt with this cop-bully in a wiser way, as to avoid problems. (In the same way, someone who taunts a rabid dog could deal with the dog better.)

While the girl was sent to the hospital, the violent cop got “cleared of all wrong-doing.”

Luckily, the girl was awarded $60,000 for damages in a lawsuit. Unfortunately, it’s the taxpayers who have to pay for the damages that the violent cop caused during his mistaken rage. The cop got off scot-free.

So, in total, the victims in this situation are the taxpayers and the teenage girl. The victimizer, which is the angry cop, got off scot-free. As far as I know, he didn’t even have to go to anger-management or anything. So I ask again, isn’t this bully cop the kind of person we want to protect girls (and everyone, including taxpayers) from?

What do you think?

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10 Responses

  1. Mark says

    Marc, you believe both the girl and the cop were in the wrong, right? So, of the girl and the cop:

    * Which one is charged to maintain the safety of the public?

    * Which one is paid with our tax money to carry out his job in a courteous and professional manner?

    * Which one is an adult, and should be expected to behave like one?

    * Which one is physically much stronger than the other?

    * Which one was carrying weapons?

    * Which one was never held accountable for his egregious actions?

    * Which one required hospital attention as a result of the encounter?

    If you think the girl shouldn’t have won her court case, then you haven’t the slightest clue what civil law is about. And yet, if something like this happened to you, you would try to sue anyone you could: the police, the mayor, probably even the company that manufactured the pepper spray, which, as you say, is intended to make you choke and wheeze so that you can be easily arrested.

  2. Marc says

    Yeah the cop should have handled it better, but end of day from the get go the girl was abusive.

    he should not have been arresting her in the first place. however neither of them was defusing the situation. i believe both were in the wrong. the cop should have been charged and the girl should have never won her case.

    as for the choking and wheezing, that is what pepper spray does to you, it incapacitates you so that the officers may effect the arrest.

  3. Albert McDonahugh says

    Fuck tha police! that cop should be fired!

  4. I SMELL BACON says

    That is some crazy ass shit. I don’t care who you are. If I as a citizen tried to go into the police station and say that the cops charged me to much for a ticket and then I started to argue with then, grabbed out my mase, and sprayed them all, I would be fucked, I dont know the law but I think that I would be doing some prison time. Cops now days are all crooked. I’m related to cops, and they think that they are the greatest things in the world. They over use their power. FUCK THE POLICE.

  5. steve says

    The CLAMP down in America is on! ya volt my fura! good bye Free World!

  6. Tony says

    By “scot free” I think they are referring to discipline actions taken against him by the police force. He got off “scot free” Amy.

  7. Amy says

    He probably didn’t get off “scot free” as y’all say. I know that voice over, it’s for a show that targets teenage to young adult insomniacs who like watching things blow up, big car/truck/motorcycle accidents, or extreme acts of human nature. So to them, not having to serve time, or being put on probation, is “scot free.” That’s what the target audience wants to hear. I’m not saying that what the officer did was right, but also think about how the media is *trying* to present it.

  8. Raz says

    This asshole is the whole reason the police have such a bad reputation!…… What a prick…….. actually he probably has a penile defficiancy, which is why he takes it out on little girls………… WHAT A JOKE THE POLICE ARE!


    Anger management! Kick him off the force.

  10. Luc says

    “Officer McDonald is cleared of any wrong doing”

    We don’t just live in a police state any more, we live in a police world.


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