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Safety Tips to Decrease Risk of Abduction

Lindsay Veremis recently wrote about safety tips to decrease risk of abduction. I include an excerpt:

When it comes to reducing your risk of abduction, police officers say say the most important thing is prevention.

Decreasing your risk with common sense practices like traveling in pairs at night, or letting someone know where you’re going if you plan on traveling alone.


Defense experts say protection starts with your demeanor, many aggressors will back off if you maintain eye contact and walk with confidence. But, if they do attack, experts say you shouldn’t stay and fight, do everything you can to get away.

“A lot of the self defense techniques that you learn are the release and run techniques so there’s really no glory in standing and fighting against somebody that’s trying to attack you,” Thyssen said.

Read entire article by Lindsay Veremis.

I guess “defense experts” mean, train to use self-defense moves that will incapacitate an attacker long enough and effectively enough for you to run away to safety. I agree with that. Don’t make your end goal to cause the attacker paid, get revenge or so forth. Make your end goal to get away ; make everything you do a means to that end.

What do you think?

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One Response

  1. The Editrix says

    I came across this blog by chance. Interesting!

    Let me say that I am German born and based, so many things discussed here are things that I have never experienced.

    I, personally, am not afraid of abduction. Who would abduct a middle aged woman without the means to make it a commercial success?

    I find that bullying is the main problem one is facing in everyday life and, sadly, your “Bullies” category only contains advice for children and their parents.

    I am naturally unafraid and although that is supposed to make bullies back off, I have found that it does rather spur on a certain type of bully, namely the one to whom meeting a “kiss my ass” attitude after his bullying overture seems to be highly provocative. So what is one supposed to do? A firearm is no option and the police doesn’t help. My own solution will be a sizeable dog, but that is no option for many people either.

    An attitude change? Not on your life!

    Any suggestions?


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