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5 Ways You Can Fight Victimization

Preventable violence plagues our society; it includes rape, murder, assault, robbery. Most of us say we want to end victimization and protect innocent people, but we don’t find time for it; but we find time for our favorite TV show or video game. You can do the following to help put an end to victimization and violent crime:

1. Write to people in power (e.g. congressmen, influential businesspersons) and express your concerns about victimization.

2. Organize a local group of interested people into an action team, and discuss local ways to raise awareness and reduce victimization.

3. Always report observed instances of victimization to the proper authorities.

4. Make sure women and children do not have to walk alone at night, or otherwise stay somewhere unsafe alone (e.g. in a car in a bad neighborhood, or at a wild house party full of strangers, etc.)

5. Of course, you can always donate to non-profit organization in the anti-victimization field, such as a battered women’s shelter or a rape victims’ advocacy group. You can donate your money or you can donate your time as a volunteer.

What do you think? Feel free to use the comment function to suggest other ways for individual people to help fight victimization.

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  1. Sinn says

    Great post man!

    In some circumstances some actiones must be done and its sad that our society has to deal with that kind of problems in 21 century but I guess thats the way it is.
    Sometihng must change and your steps are good instructions for that.


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