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Police Brutality and NYPD Racism

In the following video Michael Moore uses comedy and antics to bring attention to NYPD racism and police brutality:

I do not agree with all of Michael Moore’s politics, but he makes informative documentaries. Regardless, I think we can all agree that police brutality and racism need to come to a stop.

The video must have come out a while ago, since he mentions Amadou Diallo, an unarmed, innocent man who four plain-cloths cops killed by shooting at him 41 times.

As I read more and more about police brutality, I become more and more convinced that protecting ourselves from police needs to make up a major part of our overall self-defense and victimization-prevention plan.

I think vice cops do most of the damage, as opposed to detectives of violent crime. A homicide detective tends to be of a higher caliber and have more important things to do, while the same cannot be said of the street cops in charge of chasing down 16-year-olds kids with a nickelbag of marijuana. Legalizing drugs and replacing low-class vice cops with professional detectives would help eliminate the war on the streets between corrupt cops and non-violent civilians.

Additionally, paying police more would result in a bigger and better pool of applicants, which would allow the police force to hire more qualified police officers and dismiss those with questionable records.

Of course, power corrupts. We need to constantly work to actively weed out corruption if we ever want to eliminate it.

What do you think?

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3 Responses

  1. szise says

    Corruption is everywhere from U.S to Europe and Africa, i don’t think increasing the pay will help, I don’t even know what will really help but i want a better world. Sometimes i feel people are corrupt or break the law because they want more and more, human nature. Education is the key in my opinion. We must learn from the past.

  2. Evil says

    Increasing the pay of police officers doesn’t work especially well. Do you really want someone being a cop for the money? Sure, we appreciate the extra cash, but nobody I know became a cop because they thought they’d get rich.

  3. Poster Maniac says

    Racism itself is a problem around the world and the police tends to abuse the power too well not all just some rotten apples


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