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Anti-Rape Female Condom

I just read an interesting article about an invention that supposedly protects women against rape by hooking onto a man’s penis. Woman can wear the anti-rape female condom in their vagina (like a tampon), and it has sharp inward-facing plastic barbs that become attached to the penis of any rapists.

The anti-rape condom has some advantages. For one, it would cause the rapist pain which would give the victim a chance to escape. Additionally, knowing that some women have these anti-rape condoms would probably deter many would-be rapists. Also, since the condoms can only be removed surgically, hospitals can work with police to catch rapists.

Some critics call the device cruel, and claim that it simply acts as a form of brutal revenge. Additionally, they point out that a malicious woman could use the device to hurt an innocent man.

The way I see it, if a woman wants to hurt an innocent man that badly, she can do it with or without this device. For that reason, the risk of misuse does not give a reason to keep the device from over-the-counter availability.

However, the device does seem very brutal to me. I cringe just thinking about it. Despite its brutality, I think I might want to see the device or something similar put into use. I prefer rapists to get brutally hurt than for their victims to get raped.

What do you think?

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8 Responses

  1. Liza says

    Guys who can not control their sexual fantasies should learn meditation and stop raping innocent girls. Their must to be arrested.

  2. Darren says

    Even non-maliciously, I’m sure there would be multiple instances of women honestly forgetting to remove it before consensual sex. Ouch.

    Incidentally, you should check out the book “Snowcrash,” which contains a similar device.

  3. Condom Size Chart says

    Guys who can’t control their sexual behavior should learn meditation and stop raping innocent women by making them pregnant and be irresponsible about it. The innocent women will have to raise the child and worse of all the kid will suffer… Seriously, all this rape (male or female) business just prove how weak a person mind is…

  4. Cait says

    Makes no sense! It wouldn’t stop rape.. If it ends up on a man, then it means he’s managed to rape her anyway.
    More a revenge tactic than prevention.

  5. Uncle B says

    Condoms of this sort should be distributed for free in areas like Darfur. The number of rapes that are unreported should be considered when passing judgment on these devices. In a society where there are more women willing to have sex, due to good birth control and good condoms, does the number of rapes go down or up or stay the same? Rape, to me is a nasty form of bullying a usually physically weaker individual. For that reason, I think that the anti-rape condom is a very good idea. If a man is intimate enough with a woman to assume consent, he has probably been intimate enough to detect an anti-rape condom, so that a case of a vindictive woman is not likely.

  6. calvin rickard says

    sadly women rape men also and think about it what if a woman had a bad time with a guy she could very well seduce him and he would be classified as a rapist, and to have it only able to be removed surgically, what would happen if a woman wanted to have sex with some random guy? would she say that she has to go to the hospital to remove her anti-rape device? this just seems like a dumb idea to me.

  7. Stef says

    You’ve got to be kidding!
    Why would a woman want some guy shredded bleeding thing locked inside her!?
    Just carry PEPPER SPRAY or a STUNGUN to prevent crime before it starts!
    Go to my site I’ll hook you up .

  8. Zonia Moore says

    Ooouch! I’m against this invention, even as a woman. It is a terrible thing for anyone to be raped, man or woman. But I also hate the idea of a man being wrongly accused because of a vindictive woman. Not only is his penis injured but, his reputation as well. If a man is found innocent after being “hooked” by a woman she should be charged and fined for physical and emotionally damages. I suggest that men have women sign some type of contract stating that the sex is consensual and that she is not wearing the anti-rape condom, before having sex every time. I also hope that they have a anti-rape condom available for men in prison as well. Because men rape men also.


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