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How To Find Self-Defense Classes

If you decide to take a self-defense class, you will need to find one. Let me suggest some places to find local self-defense classes.

A local YMCA or YWCA may offer self-defense classes. Give your local one a call.

Colleges often have self-defense classes. They may offer some only to students, though. Community colleges often host many different classes for the public.

You probably have many martial arts schools in your area. Even if you do not want to learn a martial art, many of these places also have generic self-defense classes or sessions.

You can look on You can read and post local classified ads and listings for free on craigslist.

Do you have any suggestions of ways to find local self-defense classes? If so, please use the comment function to post them here.

What do you think?

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  1. Joanne Factor says

    All the above are great places to begin looking for good self-defense programs. Other places are community centers, continuing education programs, and gyms. Local rape relief hotlines and sexual assault resource centers may provide referrals to some of the better programs.

    Many of my students initially find me by doing a web search for some variation of “self defense seattle.”

    The National Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s Ad-hoc Committee on Self-Defense came up with guidelines for assessing a self-defense instructor and class. You can find them at


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