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I Signed Up With PayPerPost

I signed up with PayPerPost. That is a service that specializes in blog ads, which means that they pay me to make posts on this blog. This income can be used to promote this blog and to otherwise improve it.

Basically, it works like this. Now that this blog has been approved, I can go to PayPerPost and look through the opportunities open to me based on this blog’s category and the advertisers’ specifications. I can choose to accept any of the offers to make a blog post about a certain product or website. Once the post is reviewed and approved, I get paid. I will classify these paid posts by putting them in the new “Sponsored Post” blog category.

A great part about this process is that I get to choose what offers to accept. I am not forced to blog about anything. If I do not see any offers that I like, I do not have to accept any. That way I will be able to choose to only bring you posts that are of interest. I can accept as few as I want, and I can wait as long as I want in between sponsored posts.

The sponsored posts are still written by me, and are my own thoughts and views.

It’s also important to note that the sponsored posts will only make up a small fraction of all the posts on the blog. I will still be making my regular posts about recent news stories and topics of interest.

I find that the sponsored posts are really great too. Anyone who is willing to pay to advertise their product or website probably has a good product or website, and I look through the offers to find the ones that I think this blog’s readers would like most.

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