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Web Hosting Guide

If you like this website and find it helpful, you may consider starting your own. If you want to have a website, you will need a web host. A web host has your files on their computer and when people browse your website’s URL or the URL of a file on it, the host computer… Read More

Finance Genius

I found out about an informative website today about personal finances. FinanceGenius has information about loans, credit, mortgages, insurance, and other financial issues for families. Their Used Car Warranty page explains not only car warranties but also car insurance. I usually buy my cars used from private sellers not dealerships, so I do not get… Read More

Finance and Credit

In this blog, I often talk about identity theft and its affect on credit. However, I want to point out that we do not just have to look out for illegal scammers. Many people and organizations use legal methods to try to profit by putting our credit at risk. For example, credit card companies make… Read More

Identity Theft and Bad Credit

I often address identity theft on this blog. In today’s credit-based economy, most people buy things with credit not physical money. Credit is the money nowadays. That’s why identity theft continues to become more prevalent. Identity thieves essentially steal your credit, and usually leave you stuck with damaged credit. provides bad credit loans for… Read More

Faxless Payday Loans Can Help in Emergencies

When reading through advice columns and websites for victims of domestic abuse, I have seen people recommend cash advances and payday loans to victims. Women abused by their husbands may have trouble trying to leave because they may not have enough of their own money. Some abusers may purposefully attempt to control their victim by… Read More

Air Ambulance Website

Today, I have the pleasure of telling you about air ambulance charter services. I had never known much about this type of service until I saw today. provides medical flights that can give patients both basic care and critical care. A patient or the family of a patient may want such a flight… Read More

Military School Website

One issue we have addressed many times on this blog is teen violence. Troubled teens often put themselves and others at risk. Even when these teens do not purposely turn to violence, they may get themselves into situations that risk their safety. One solution for troubled teens is to send them to military school. That’s… Read More

I Signed Up With PayPerPost

I signed up with PayPerPost. That is a service that specializes in blog ads, which means that they pay me to make posts on this blog. This income can be used to promote this blog and to otherwise improve it. Basically, it works like this. Now that this blog has been approved, I can go… Read More

ID Card Printers

Today I found out about All ID Systems, which is a company that sells products for security badging and identification card printing. You can consider getting a Card Printer for business or personal use. All ID Systems has all name-brand printers for cards and badges. For businesses especially, identification cards or badges are a very… Read More

Police Gear Website

Today I have the pleasure of telling you about 5.11 tactical, which is a good website selling police gear. They have a useful product line, especially their pants. For police gear, uniforms and clothing, it is not just a matter of fashion, but also a matter of safety. The website to which I linked understands… Read More