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One issue we have addressed many times on this blog is teen violence. Troubled teens often put themselves and others at risk. Even when these teens do not purposely turn to violence, they may get themselves into situations that risk their safety. One solution for troubled teens is to send them to military school. That’s why I am glad to tell you about the Military School Directory at offers information and resources for parents and troubled teens about military schools and other alternative solutions for troubled teens. They have a way for you to request information by putting in your address. They also have a 1-800 number. They also have posted information and references on their website.

The great thing about military schools is that many troubled teens choose to go, according to the website. Ironically, these teens are often attracted to the military lifestyle. I wonder if that is partially because the teens are eager to get away from their current enviornment. Whatever the reason, going to military school can help the teenager achieve self-discipline, structure, and fitness. Also, these schools give teens many skills and training that help them throughout their lives.

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  1. Joanne Factor says

    I find it ironic that an apparent way to reduce violence is sending kids to military academies (where you learn to, well, kill people–that’s what armies do, after all). This coming from a black-belt martial arts instructor . . .

    I’m guessing the effective aspect is the explicit structure. Believe it or not, kids LOVE structure, and many will fall apart when structure crumbles. But it has to be more or less constant. Some parents put their kids in my karate program, hoping that their children will miraculously develop self-discipline. Three hours a week of aclass structure do NOT compensate for the other 165 hours of parental insecurity.


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