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Identity Theft and Bad Credit

I often address identity theft on this blog. In today’s credit-based economy, most people buy things with credit not physical money. Credit is the money nowadays. That’s why identity theft continues to become more prevalent. Identity thieves essentially steal your credit, and usually leave you stuck with damaged credit. provides bad credit loans for people with bad credit. That website will lets users search through different offers, so that they can compare and choose the best one for themselves. Luckily, it provides that service for free.

They also have a page that lists some places you can get credit reports. You can compare the benefits and costs of the different credit report websites.

I like the website because it helps people with bad credit. Many people have bad credit. Identity theft isn’t the only cause. Real thieves or scammers can leave a person unable to pay their bills on time. Additionally, other people can unintentionally hurt a person’s credit. For example, a roommate or business partner can hurt your credit if they get into financial trouble and cannot pay their share of the bills. Also, a personal crisis or just a few mistakes can cause you to damage your own credit. Bad credit offers can help you get back on your feet and start repairing your credit.

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