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Finance Genius

I found out about an informative website today about personal finances. FinanceGenius has information about loans, credit, mortgages, insurance, and other financial issues for families. Their Used Car Warranty page explains not only car warranties but also car insurance.

I usually buy my cars used from private sellers not dealerships, so I do not get a warranty. Without a warranty, car insurance becomes more important. Insurance can not only protect you from accidents and your own mistakes, but it can also protect you from car-related crime and other people’s mistakes.

Regarding finances in general, you want to make sure you research it and get help when needed. You want to take the proper precautions to protect your hard earned money. Many financial institutions will let you make bad decisions because they can profit that way. For example, a credit card company would gladly let you spend more than you can pay back, so that they can get you on the hook and charge you high interest rates on your debt.

I like that FinanceGenius helps provide consumers with information and assistance so that they can make smart financial decisions.

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