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Do I Want To Prevent Crime?

You may think of crime prevention as a major theme of this blog, but I actually do not want to stop crime in general. I could care less about crime in general.

I want to stop violence and victimization. I want to defend innocent people from victimization. But I do not want to see victimless crimes enforced. I do not want any laws outlawing victimless behavior, and I do not want to see such laws enforced.

The creation and enforcement of victimless crimes creates more victims rather than protecting people from violent crime and victimization. The government victimizes the “offenders” of the victimless crimes by offensively attacking them. Additionally, it makes victims out of the taxpayers who have to pay for offensive law enforcement.

If the government wants to rob innocent people with taxation, it could at least use the tax dollars to defend people from violence and victimization rather than wage authoritarian wars on victimless crimes. For example, the “war on drugs” costs the United States hundreds of billions of dollars per year, and it entails such expensive things as throwing non-violent druggies in jail even when the drug-users never hurt anyone. The government could have used all that money to stop victimization, such as rape, murder, vandalism and assault.

I want to protect people from violence and victimization. I do not want authoritarian governments to enforce authoritarian laws. I do not want to forcefully stop people from engaging in victimless behaviors. I only support the use of force to defensively protect a person from an offensive attacker or victimizer.

What do you think?

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2 Responses

  1. Steve Lane says

    I understand and agree with your idea, but isn’t it hard to define what is truly a “victimless” crime and what is not?

    Victims and violence can be traced back to “victimless” crimes, can’t they?

    Great post!

  2. Self Defense Website says

    I agree with your premise but not sure you communicated your idea clearly. I don’t want the government making too many laws that prevent people from being allowed to be stupid and commit crime but I do want to prevent crime.

    I want to prevent crime by promoting stronger families, teaching morals and self defense. People are less likely to commit a crime if they aren’t going to get away with it unscathed.

    Good post.


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