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Are Community Crime Watches Effective?

People can reduce crime in their neighborhoods by being aware of what is going on around them. In stable communities with many long-term residents, people tend to keep an eye out for each other. This form of law enforcement has been shown to work because citizens are embedded with a sense of law and order,… Read More

College Crime

The following is a guest blog post sent to us by Marina SalsburyCollege Crime: Preventable With Awareness While most parents and prospective students regard college as four years of final educational preparation for adult life, in reality college campuses are also often targets for crimes against property and persons. Students in schools big and small… Read More

Research about Education as Crime Prevention

I made a blog post back in March about the fact that education prevents violent crime and victimization. Today, I read a research brief about education as crime prevention from the OSI. Here are some excerpts: “[R]esearch shows that quality education is one of the most effective forms of crime prevention. Educational skills can help… Read More

Private Police to Stop and Catch Violent Criminals

I generally dislike, mistrust, and resent police in general more than the average person. When someone talks of cops, I think of the street cops going around bullying kids and attacking non-violent marijuana smokers. But I support the police–or all people for that matter–who attempt to stop violent criminals, such as rapists and murders. Of… Read More

Education Prevents Violent Crime and Victimization

Many states spend more on prisons than they do on education. But prisons do not seem to do that much to prevent violent crime and victimization. For one, criminals only go to prison after having committed the crime. Additionally, the prisons do not reform the criminals, but just release most of them after a while.… Read More

Two Crime Prevention Tips

I just read some crime prevention tips from the Durham Police Department. They geared the tips mostly to businesses, but the tips can help most people. I want to mention two of the tips in particular. Firstly, when recommending what to do after a robbery, they recommend to not talk to witnesses until after the… Read More

Economic Crime Degree

If you want to make crime prevention your profession, then you might consider going to school for an economic crime degree. Schools such as Utica College offer various courses and degrees related to economic crime prevention. Economic crime continues to develop with technology. Thieves can find various ways to work with credit cards, electronic banking,… Read More

The Monetary Value of Saving High Risk Youth

I just read an interesting study and report about the monetary value of saving high risk youth before they turn to crime. You can read the abstract: There is growing interest in crime prevention through early youth interventions; yet, the standard United States response to the crime problem, particularly among juveniles, has been to increase… Read More

Do I Want To Prevent Crime?

You may think of crime prevention as a major theme of this blog, but I actually do not want to stop crime in general. I could care less about crime in general. I want to stop violence and victimization. I want to defend innocent people from victimization. But I do not want to see victimless… Read More

Less Law, More Order

I just read an informative article about the ideas of Irvin Waller, a criminologist who founded the International Centre for Crime Prevention in Montreal and who wrote the book Less Law, More Order: The Truth about Reducing Crime. I have not read his book yet, but I can tell you that Irvin Waller basically contends… Read More

Careers in Criminal Justice

While looking on I noticed that they had information about criminal justice degree programs. There are many different options for someone going to school for criminal justice. For example, you could study criminology or computer crime. I generally focus my efforts on non-governmental activism. Nonetheless, people can also work to stop violent crime and… Read More

Real Crime Prevention

I just read an excellent blog post by Bob Betzen about real crime prevention. While explaining the failure of incarceration to rehabilitate criminals, he says a line that had me almost fall out of my seat in excited agreement: He writes, “Finishing a sentence and walking out of prison is like graduating from crime school.”… Read More