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Education Prevents Violent Crime and Victimization

Many states spend more on prisons than they do on education. But prisons do not seem to do that much to prevent violent crime and victimization. For one, criminals only go to prison after having committed the crime. Additionally, the prisons do not reform the criminals, but just release most of them after a while. If anything, most people probably come out of prison more dangerous than they go in. Worse yet, many of the people have been put in prison for victimless crimes.

If the people in society want to truly reduce violent crime and victimization, then they need to start investing more in education. Research has shown that education significantly reduces the probability of incarceration and arrest. When children receive quality education, they have a much less likely of a chance of ever committing a criminal act of violence or victimization. When convicts receive education, they re-offend much less often.

Collectively speaking, I believe the people in society can most effectively prevent violent crime and victimization by investing greatly in education. I bet we would save more money than we would spend. When investing in education, we would probably save all the money that we would otherwise have to spend on hunting down criminals. Besides, increased education benefits society in many other ways.

Basically, I believe that education prevents violent crime and victimization more cost-effectively than police and prisons.

What do you think?

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