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Comments and Stories about False Accusations

In 2006, I made a blog post about The Danger of False Accusations. In it, I explained that I believe that sometimes false accusations of sexual victimization can be more damaging than sexual victimization itself. More importantly, I explained why I believe activists must work together to simultaneously reduce both the prevalence of false accusations and sexual victimization. Division will leave us unable to effectively stop either.

I still like that blog post and still agree with what I said then. I think it represents an important aspect of the problem of sexual violence that I often do not mention.

Anyway, I am posting about that old blog post today because it still gets some comments posted to it. I think the comments are interesting, so even if you have already read the post, you may want to read the comments and join the discussion. They contain some enlightening stories. If you have not read that old post yet, I recommend you check it out.

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2 Responses

  1. Air Jordans says

    I must have read it but I’ll go check it out and maybe join the discussion.

  2. Kath says

    I agree. False accusations negate the true ones. But we have to make sure that every single accusation is weighed very carefully, to rule out any possibility of it being true.


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