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College Crime

The following is a guest blog post sent to us by Marina Salsbury

College Crime: Preventable With Awareness

While most parents and prospective students regard college as four years of final educational preparation for adult life, in reality college campuses are also often targets for crimes against property and persons. Students in schools big and small become victims of college crimes, many that quietly get covered up because college administrations are extremely sensitive to bad press. However, there’s no need to attend an online college to keep safe. For concerned students and parents awareness is the best way to prevent college crime.

Common Crimes

In terms of violent crime, most college incidents occur when victims is traveling or standing alone in a dark area or at night (not including sexual attacks). By simply avoiding being alone and instead traveling with someone else, students can drastically reduce the chances of being targeted. Students should also pay attention to campus-wide alerts or notices about local crime. By heeding news about suspects, students can also avoid becoming victims of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Additionally, many students become victims of crime simply because they drink too much alcohol. Students who become heavily intoxicated or black out leave themselves largely vulnerable to whoever is around them. Rapes, assaults, and pranks all befall students who are too drunk to know what’s going on or to prevent the attacks. By simply exercising moderation in their drinking, students can avoid placing themselves in these sorts of situations.

Property theft is common on campuses as well, particularly with fashionable electronics. Smartphones, computers, and stereo systems all make great targets for thieves. Students are better served being discrete about their belongings or keeping valuable items securely hidden when not in use. If it’s not seen, the property can’t be much of a target to opportunistic criminals.

Situational Awareness

The biggest defense students have is to maintain situational awareness. This means always being aware of what’s going on around you. It’s not a paranoid state of mind, it’s paying attention to conditions, your immediate environment, and people near you. It also involves not placing yourself in situations where you will have a difficult time protecting yourself.

For many students, there’s an illusion of safety in college. Crime occurs out in towns and cities, not on college campuses. Unfortunately, this uncritical misconception repeatedly leads students to place themselves in bad situations where someone can take advantage.

Be Friendly, but Don’t Trust Everyone

Students want to trust each other like family. They’re spending two thirds of their days with roommates, friends, and romantic interests when not in classes. It’s easy to be trusting of anyone who looks like a student on campus. Instead, students need to remember to be cautious of people trying to get close. Being friendly is fine, but don’t trust just anyone with your safety or well-being. Again, safety comes with being proactive, not waiting to react when trouble arrives.

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5 Responses

  1. Jeremy Devita says

    That was a Great Post. College Students are But mere Children Learning to enter the World. They should not Have to go through the abuse. I always offer Low Prices on things like Pepper Spray

  2. Don Levine says

    Prevention is an important element in staying safe. Be aware of your surrondings and carry some form of non-lethal protection such pepper spray, a stun gun or some other self defense item that will give you the opportunity to get away safely. Protect yourself.

  3. Will says

    This is a fantastic post. I’ve just wrote about college safety in one of my blog posts. It is imperative that the word about the safety of our college students are spread. I believe families needs to prepare their sons and daughters to the reality of college life. There is more robberies, rapes, and assaults than ever before. Preparation and self defense products will go a long way in ensuring their safety.

  4. Aman Dua says

    Very well said Marina. All the above crimes can only be stopped by creating awareness. Not every student can get training like Army but they can be attentive to protect themselves from being a victim. As we say Refuse to be Pray…

  5. Keywords Removed says

    Great post! Awareness needs to be increased on subjects such as violent crimes on college campus. I write a blog on domestic violence and bullying, and it does my heart so well when I see other people raising awareness. Abuse is at a all time high, and our children going off to college need to be careful. Really enjoyed reading through your pages!


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