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Quotes about Forgiveness

I created this blog to inspire us all to exercise compassion in an effort to reduce and hopefully eliminate offensive violence and protect ourselves and others. We want to stop offensive violence such as murder, rape, assault, battery and kidnapping. I have pointed out before that the desire for revenge causes many of those acts… Read More

Get Children out of Inner-Cities and Bad Neighborhoods

When children grow up in poor and violent neighborhoods, it greatly increases the odds that they will turn commit violent crime in their life. For one, these places have bad role models and other damaging influences. Also, living around crime and poverty encourages kids to join violent gangs. Worse yet, cities and poor neighborhoods tend… Read More

Lesson about Revenge

On this blog, I have posted a lot about vengeance lately. Namely, I have wanted to find ways to discourage people from engaging in vengeance. Today, I remembered a great movie that explores the destructiveness of vengeance: Changing Lanes. Changing Lanes stars Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson. After getting in an accident on the… Read More

Violence Prevention Classes in Schools

When I went to grade school, I do not remember the school offering any type of violence prevention class. I also have not heard of grade schools offering those classes on a regular basis for the general student population. I would like to see more schools offer violence prevention classes, and I would like to… Read More

Another Post about Vengeance

I apologize if any of you do not like that I have posted so much about vengeance over the last week. This topic has taken hold of my thoughts lately. I now realize that we cannot stop people from violently attacking each other unless we eliminate the social acceptance of vengeful violence, by which I… Read More

Wise Quotes about Vengeance and Revenge

A few days ago, I made a post asking readers to suggest ways to dissuade people from their indulging their desire for vengeance. Today I want to post some of the wisest quotes I have come across about vengeance and revenge: “Revenge has no more quenching effect on emotions than salt water has on thirst.”… Read More

Vengeance, Payback, Revenge

I have made quite a few blogs about my support for abolishing prisons and of reforming violent offenders in more compassionate environments. I have explained both the fiscal benefits and the social benefits, namely that preventing crime and rehabilitating offenders helps protect potential victims. However, after having discussed prison reform with people, and after receiving… Read More

High-Schoolers Promote Peace

I just read an inspiring news story about high-school students who pledged to prevent violence. Some members of the student government at Hoover High School in Glendale made two large posters supporting peace and violence prevention. Other students wrote messages and pledges of peace and nonviolence on the posters. In these times with a younger… Read More