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Pseudo-Toughness Can Cause Personal Violent Conflicts

I think a lot of violent conflicts happen as a result of pseudo-toughness. That is especially the case in regards to fights between young people and poor or blue-collar people. People trying to be tough will start and get into fights and violent conflicts. For example, I assume most bar brawls and schoolyard fights happen because the people involved want to be or seem tough. In their desperate attempt at toughness, they attack others when they would be better off minding their own business, and they fight when it would be wiser to walk away. To explore the issue more fully, I have written and posted an article about destructive pseudo-toughness at my philosophy forums. Check it out: Causes of Self-Destructive Attempts at Toughness

Of course, not all violence and victimization is caused by people try to be tough. I think the other main cause is the desire for financial profit. For example, I assume the desire for profit is the foremost motivation of robbery and corporate crime.

What do you think?

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8 Responses

  1. bunkai charlie says

    I think another factor for guys is if a girl is around. A guy may ignore taunts if he is on his own, but if out with his girfriend he will not want to appear weak (which comes back to psuedo toughness)

  2. Defend Thyself says

    How correct you are! Sometimes it’s better to avoid these guys, or just bite your lip, keep your yap closed & turn the other cheek. Usually when you say something if they cut in line, or cut you off, will just lead to violence, possibly hurting you, or in some situations, taking your life. Keep up the great posts!

  3. Acai Juice says

    You make a good point, when you think about it, it seems as though there are really very few situations where fighting someone really resolves anything or gives either party something to gain.

    I guess it’s one of those more primitive brain functions that kind of edge out and get us in trouble every now and again.


  4. Chris | Martial Development says

    You may be right, but the desire to appear tough is most probably sub-conscious and taken for granted. We do need to understand the motivations clearly if we are to avoid victimization, and also avoid creating new victims in the act of “self-defense”.

  5. The Fitness Diva says

    I think that the whole concept of “being bad ass” has become quite popular in this day and age, as is evidenced by what’s being presented as ‘cool’ in pop culture nowadays.
    The glorification of gansta rap, thuggishness, promotion of TV shows like “The Bad Girls”, fights being taped and shown on YouTube for entertainment…etc, etc, etc.,
    this all contributes to and showcases a type of behavior that many young people, and also a few older ones who really should know better, strive to emulate.

    Everyone wants to have the rep of being an ass kicker. What many don’t realize is once you’re really involved in a fight, it’s not glamorous or cute at all- it’s stupid and dangerous.
    It will land you in jail, get you needless scars and injuries, has the potential to ruin your life, and you might end up getting killed or killing someone else by mistake…all because you wanted to look tough.
    People really need to wake up and snap out of this madness!

  6. Air Jordans says

    Yes I agree with you Kath. You are right.

  7. Kath says

    It’s not just toughness, but it’s faux masculinity too. A certain percentage of men seem to think that to be masculine, they have to be “tough” or aggressive. When the true mark of masculinity to me, is strength that is used when it’s needed, shelved when it’s not.

  8. craig hampson says

    so true good point made


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