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Research about Education as Crime Prevention

I made a blog post back in March about the fact that education prevents violent crime and victimization. Today, I read a research brief about education as crime prevention from the OSI. Here are some excerpts:

“[R]esearch shows that quality education is one of the most effective forms of crime prevention. Educational skills can help deter young people from committing criminal acts and can greatly decrease the likelihood that people will return to crime after release from prison.”

“There is a strong link between low levels of education and high rates of criminal activity…”

“According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, there is an inverse relationship between recidivism rates and education. The more education received, the less likely an individual is to be re-arrested or re-imprisoned.”

“The RAND Corporation, a public policy think tank based in California, recently released a study showing that crime prevention is more costeffective than building prisons. Of all crime prevention methods, education is the most costeffective.”

The fact that providing education to people causes them to commit less violent crime and victimization seems both obvious and common-sense to me. But I still like to consult the research.

What do you think?

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12 Responses

  1. Thomas says

    One reason for the growing crime rate is due to poverty or unemployment. Poverty and unemployment means you starve, you have nothing. Good education will help us find a living, a good employment. Therefore, if you have a good education, poverty is not a problem. Definitely, you will not resolve to crime.

  2. OPSEC says

    I believe that there are some people that commit crimes simply because they want to… It happens. No matter how many educational opportunities they may be afforded, they still have a -preference- for crime. This is the minority.
    Then again, there are those that commit crime for other reasons, such as desperation. These are the ones that can benefit best from security!

  3. Wheelman says

    Exatctly bob but apart from education playing sports also down the crime graph and teachers can play a vital role in this.

  4. Bob says

    Education helps both sides. 1) Reduces number of criminals. 2) Teaches would-be victims how to defend themselves.

  5. Helena says

    Totally agree. But it could be that the link is a little more complex than a cause and effect thing.
    It seems that the more educated or schooled a person is, the more likely they are to hold a steady job and have a regular income. It is poverty and feeling trapped that results in the frustrations that lead to the majority of violent and serious crimes

  6. Sharon Kaye says

    I find all your posts to be very informative. As a person who sells self defense products I’m always interested in reading what people have to say about crime these days and especially how to avoid it from happening to you.

    Thanks for the info!

  7. Air Jordans says

    I strongly agree that proper education can prevent crimes. Learned men tend to be less violent and are almost always calm and calculating.

  8. Self Defense Products says

    Yes right school, good enviroment, friendship, relations and ethics play big role to prevent persons from crime.

  9. Bhelle says

    I couldn’t say anything else, except that education will really matter to lessen crimes.Thanks for pondering it here!

  10. Hong Kong says

    The matter should be easy. Uneducated people have less perspectives, they can’t apply for high paying jobs. While some people claim, money is not the most important thing, I say:
    If there is not enough money for a comfortable life, then frustration is guaranteed. And it needs a vent…

    Maybe I should open a school.

  11. Francois Tremblay says


    There is a huge difference.

  12. adfgvx says

    I agree whole-heartedly. I’ve always believed educated people commit fewer crimes and, if they do, it is less likely to be violent. Crime is often an act of desperation.


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