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Privacy: How Much Do They Know about You

Over the last week there has been a huge uproar over the revelation of the depths to which the NSA has been spying on American citizens without probable cause. Namely, people learned how Verizon turned over all its records to NSA, meaning the government has kept records of all your phone calls and text messages… Read More

Are Community Crime Watches Effective?

People can reduce crime in their neighborhoods by being aware of what is going on around them. In stable communities with many long-term residents, people tend to keep an eye out for each other. This form of law enforcement has been shown to work because citizens are embedded with a sense of law and order,… Read More

At-Risk Youth Mentoring: a Proactive Approach

According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, juvenile arrest rates in the United States decreased 36 percent between 1996 and 2009. In 2009, there were 5,804 teenage arrests for every 100,000 youths ages 10 through 17 in the United States. This is great news, especially when you couple it with the statistic… Read More

College Crime

The following is a guest blog post sent to us by Marina SalsburyCollege Crime: Preventable With Awareness While most parents and prospective students regard college as four years of final educational preparation for adult life, in reality college campuses are also often targets for crimes against property and persons. Students in schools big and small… Read More

Why People Join Gangs

Many of the most crime-ridden urban areas today have seen increased gang activity over time. In recent years, psychologists, sociologists, community leaders, and other professionals have attempted to pinpoint why young people join gangs in the first place. Through firsthand research and discussions with ex-gang members, there’s been significant progress made in determining why this… Read More

A Million U.S. Gang Members

The number of gang members in the United States exceeded 1 million as of 2009. The top reasons for gang involvement are: low income learning disabilities and emotional disorders peer pressure 94% are male. Source: Unfortunately, it’s much harder to reach and save these kids and young men after they have entered a gang,… Read More

Study Confirms Long-Lasting Effects of Sexual Abuse

A recent article by MSNBC’s Joan Raymond informs us of results from a recent study about the long-lasting effects of sexual abuse. For 23 years, the study followed 80 girls who were victims of sexual abuse as children. Compared to the control group, they had distorted levels of cortisol–the stress hormone, levels which Dr. Frank… Read More

How Israelis Secure Airports Without Seeing You Naked

Michael Totten wrote an interesting article in the New York Post about airport security based on personal experience. I’m sure you have heard about the recent uproar in the United States about the Transportation Security Administration’s new procedure to use a machine to essentially see people naked or, if people refuse the machine, to actually… Read More

Death Penalty Facts

I created this blog several years ago to do my part in reducing the amount of violent victimization in society, such as murder, rape, battery and so forth. Unfortunately, sometimes murder is committed by the governments that we want to protect us. I remember the story of a teenage girl who was stoned to death… Read More

Another Danger of Prostitution Prohibition: AIDS

Just like with the historical prohibition of alcohol and the ongoing prohibition of drugs, I think prohibition of prostitution not only fails to prevent or reduce the occurrence of prostitution but greatly exacerbates the problems associated with it. Nationwide, the war on prostitution costs taxpayers billions of dollars annually. I’m not sure of the accuracy… Read More